Top 5 Beaches in Cuba

Top 5 Beaches in Cuba

Nr. 1: Varadero

One of the best-known beaches of Cuba, it is close to the capital, Havana, so it is very convenient for those who would like to taste both Cuban everyday life and the sea-sand-sun feeling. Varadero is situated on a peninsula and it has a 20-km-long white sandy beach.

The second biggest airport of the country is also located at the entrance of the city.

The peninsula is safe, comfortable and hygienic. The beach started to develop at the beginning of the 20th century when some families from Cardenas built holiday homes here. Since that many foreigner investors arrived and more and more hotels open during these days too. The location is perfect for family holidays with countless different water sport activities.

You should not miss the Villa Xanadu, which was built in 1929 for Alfred Dupont, a chemical engineer from the USA. Now the most elegant restaurant of Varadero (Las Américas) operates in it and it is surrounded with beautiful gardens and golf courses.

Nr. 2: Cayo Coco

One of the beautiful islands of the island group called Jardines del Rey (Garden of Kings) in Ciego de Ávila province, close to the northern shores of Cuba. The cayo named after a local bird is like the Paradise with the crystal clear water. Cayo Coco is connected to the main island of Cuba with a 27-km-long highway.

It is the perfect island for nature lovers and those who only need the sea, sun and natural silence during their holiday. Cayo Coco is very important for the Cuban government that would like to support the development of the ecotourism. Some interesting places on the island are Parador la Silla (ideal to watch flamingos from April to November); Playa Prohibida (peace and tranquillity, no buildings, just the nature); Playa los Flamencos (shallow, clean water, 35000 flamingos live in the near).

Nr. 3: Cayo Guillermo

One of Cuba’s best beaches, Playa Pilar is located at Cayo Guillermo, another island of Jardines del Rey next to Cayo Coco. Playa Pilar was named after the yacht of Ernest Hemingway. The highest sand dunes of the country are also located at Cayo Guillermo.

The island is specialized in deep sea fishing and also perfect for divers as a long coral reef protects it.

Nr. 4: Cayo Largo del Sur

This island is located to the south of Cuba. This small island is only 25 kilometres long and 3 kilometres wide. It is a real jewel of the country with the breathtaking beaches and greenish-blue water. In the deep divers will find ship wracks from the 16th century.

Nr. 5: Guardalavaca

The beaches of Guardalavaca (Playa Guardalavaca and Playa Esmeralda), located in the province of Holguín are very famous among divers. The bottom of the sea is full of caves, hills, valleys and different coral formations. The part around Playa Guardalavaca is the older one with village feeling. The other part, around Playa Esmeralda is the newer one with elegant hotels.

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