Top 5 Summer Casual Wear Ideas

Top 5 Summer Casual Wear Ideas

This summer you can look great and save money with the many great casual wear trends that are taking over the fashion industry today. Women’s casual wear is an ever growing market that is extremely versatile. No matter what your fashion sense is today, you will find something within the casual wear industry that you will never want to change out of! You may not already know that there are many ways to wear casual clothing and this does not exclude glamorous occasions.

The great thing about women’s casual wear is that there are only a few staple pieces needed to create a number of different outfits. You may desire an array of different colors or patterns but the essential pieces stay the same. The first and most important piece of clothing you may want to start with are leggings. You may be thinking that leggings are only worn in the fall or winter to help you stay warm but this is not their only function. Leggings are the key to layering. They can be worn and purchased in a crop length which creates a summer style.

Once you have your chosen leggings, in your desired color, you have the base of dozens of different outfits. Leggings do not solely have to be worn with tunics and sweaters they look great layered with long tank tops, t-shirts and sweat shirts as well. The varieties of different casual tops that can be worn with leggings are endless but did you know you can layer the bottom of your outfit as well? Short skirts and miniskirts can easily be worn over a great pair of leggings making you feel more comfortable in short skirts and incredibly on trend for summer of 2011.

Great summer dresses have always been at the top of the list for summer trends and this year is no different. The maxi dress is a timeless classic that has been brought back by top designers like Elan International and improved to blend with the boldness within the women’s fashion world. Maxi dresses are long in length but don’t let its length scare you off, even the shortest of women look great in maxi dresses. Tube top and halter styles are just two of the many different versions of the maxi dress you will find available to you this year. The colors, patterns and materials are bold and eye catching for 2011. If this sounds a bit too much for your general style, layer your bold maxi dress with a solid, neutral colored cardigan and you are in business!

Casual clothing can be easily dresses up for specific occasion with the proper accessories and footwear which means you are investing in an extremely versatile fashion trend that is not likely to be disappearing any time soon. The women’s fashion industry has not only grown to love casual clothing but is beginning to adapt many more styles into the casual wear world.

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