Top Sri Lanka Hotels to Stay

For a little island, Sri Lanka indeed offers truly amazing arrays of attractions. Its coasts are filled with beaches that are palm-lined, some of them having world-class surf breaks. Witnessing the stone-cut Buddhist art and the towering dagobas of the ancient capitals of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, together with the elephant-led festival processions, Kandyan dances, or any temple located on poya days (days of full moon) will surely delight you. As you go to the Hill Country, the plains’ heat will fade away to expose rolling green hills endowed with tea plantations. These are just some of the marvels of Sri Lanka. If you want to visit now, here are some of the best Sri Lanka hotels for you to stay in.

1. Anilana Park Street Hotel – This hotel was built before the abode of the Colombo entrepreneur, Sheikh Salehboy Moosajee, with his second wife, Begum Zarina. It is located on a leafy side called The Park Street, which from a busy city, acts as a solace and is incomparable with the city’s five star properties.

2. Amangalla – Though this historic hotel located in the centre of Galle Fort had changes since it became an Aman resort, it still upholds its wonderful past as it has popularly and comfortably welcomed 140 years of guests during its time as the well-known New Oriental Hotel. Its cuisine is famous for its fineness and the hotel is known for its stunning surroundings.

3. Sri Villas – This beautiful, two-storey contemporary colonial is very ideal for friends, families and for all sociable types. This hotel is located on a long stretch of beach in Induruwa’s village. Its three well-refurbished individual contemporary villas include amazing views of the Indian Ocean that are really breathtaking at sunset. All of its villas also include their own fully equipped private kitchens which allow guests to prepare their meals if they wish to.

4. The Dutch House – This hotel which is also called the “Doornberg” is also one of Ceylon’s well-preserved historical mansions. It was built around 1712 for a Dutch naval fleet officer as a mansion with seven beds overlooking the ocean and the harbor. Later on, it was transformed into an exquisite four-suite hotel. This hotel offers more than enough space for you to unwind.

5. Boulder Green – This fine hotel seamlessly blends into its surroundings and environment. It is built under and around really gigantic boulders. What gives the Boulder Garden its mystic and mysterious feeling is its original and nature-blending feature. The winding stone steps with deep corridors and give visitors a medieval feeling because of the rock walls, huge timber beams, mirror-polished cement floors, and grilled windows.

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