Visit Barbados the Caribbean Island – It’s Much More Than Beautifully Sunlit Beaches – Part 3

Cycling enthusiasts may visit Barbados, only when there’s the Nation Fun Ride, which is a huge national event in July, attracting thousands of riders from preteens to seniors, riding costumed bicycles, homemade bikes, mountain bikes, and racers, culminating at a popular beach for refreshments.

Many budding cricketers visit Barbados only when, the Sir Garfield Sobers International Schools Cricket Tournament in on throughout the month of July.

August ushers in the Hockey Festival, when local teams play against international teams.

This month also serves up another horse racing highlight, the Barbados Derby.

Visit Barbados only when it’s September, a quiet month, when there are no shows, festivals or any other sporting or entertainment activities. This is definitely the low season, as hotel rates are lower, and airfares are also more affordable. There is likely to be much rain, and the humidity will be close to 100%.

October offers the National Triathlon Championships, the Run for Life Weekend, the International Bridge Festival, and the Beach Volleyball National Championships.

Fly to Barbados only when in November, there’s the surfing competition at the Soup Bowl, or the Nation Fun Walk, an event that attracts thousands of regular walkers, first timers, the very young, seniors, and the race walkers. Volleyball also continues with a second competition in November.

The National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (N.I.F.C.A) is a major cultural event where all Barbadians can make contributions in the literary arts, photography & visual arts, culinary arts, performing arts, and are judged and awarded accordingly.

Barbados celebrates independence on November 30th, and during this month there are a variety of independence celebrations.

Relax on Barbados only when, the weather has cooled in December, the rains are abating, and there is a good breeze again. International runners visit Barbados only when in December, they can participate in the Run Barbados International Marathon & 10K Series.

Visit Barbados only when you desire to vacation, on an effectively governed and hospitable, tropical Caribbean island with varied sporting and cultural events, and a moderate climate.

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