Visit Lagos Beaches, Where the Sand and the Ocean Get Lost in the Horizon!

In addition to many historical, cultural, and modern attractions Lagos also has many natural features, and the most beautiful among those is its beaches. Lagos has 10 beaches that have endless beauty. Lagos beaches are featured with white sand, palm trees and the rough unforgiving waves of the Bight of Benin. Visitors take Lagos flights to spend their holiday enjoying some out door activities or simply relaxing at one the Lagos beaches. These out door activities include; a choice of horse riding schools, Algarve golf and water sports.

Meia Praia Beach: This is the wonderful place to celebrate sunshine breaks and relaxing vacation in Nigeria. It is a long beach that has a stretch of about 4 kilometers. It’s a safe, neat, and quite place. Tourists coming to this site taking cheap Lagos flights love to have different entertainments activities here including; water sports such as water skiing, sailing, fishing windsurfing, and some other sports such as kite surfing, volleyball and football. It is equally popular among families and individual holidaymakers. The area is featured with many accommodation places that are featured with bars and clubs. If you are a lover of nightly activities you may go to these bars and have some drinks, cocktails and snacks there. This beach is located at a distance of about 85 kms from the airport and this is one of the main reasons why foreigners taking flights to Lagos from Manchester prefer this beach.

Bar Beach: The main beach on Victoria Island is named as Bar Beach. Many believe it to be the most delightful one. It is named as bar beach for a uniform range of beach huts were rented out or sold off to operators of bars and restaurants. Visitors take cheap flights to Lagos to take a trip to this site to fully enjoy there holiday. This is an ideal place to spend a summer evening. The Institute of Oceanography is running Bar Beach. The activities that are celebrated here are; swimming, paragliding, football, and volleyball. Some families come here to celebrate picnic.

Praia de Alvo Beach: Parai de Alvo is the place to have all the fun activities of one’s choice. It has some thing for the visitors of all ages. That’s why holiday makers taking flights to Lagos from UK and other parts of the world come here. Youngsters can build sandcastles, ride pedalos and splash in the sea, while children may have a boat tour. Old age people may sit there, take a walk, or simply lay down to relax for some times.

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