Ways to Treat Chafing on the Penis

He doesn’t realize it’s happening. It starts out innocent enough. Maybe there was a sale on a new laundry detergent. It could have been just wanting to look like a model in really tight pants for that hipster concert last night. Maybe it was a honeymoon. No matter the reason, chafing on the penis can be a red, hot, irritating mess that can sideline an active guy just like that. Thankfully, penis chafing can be turned around fast with a couple of tips and a little cool-down time. To help the healing along, here are a few common-sense and effective ways to treat penis chafing.

1) Give that lil’ fella a break – Penis chafing caused is also known as “friction burn.” Many times, a man gets the burn my a little too much time in the sheets or going at it solo. The first thing a man who’s chafing on the penis should do is take a time out from all penis related activity (except, of course, urination). Continuing activity can either break the skin, inviting in all sorts of bacteria which leads to an infection, or makes the chafing worse.

2) Loosen up on the clothing – It’s time to shelve the Speedo and put away the John Cusack skinny jeans for a bit. Wear loose-fitting underwear and pants in breathable fabrics like cotton. The penis needs time and space so it can heal.

3) Go Commando – Now, practice restraint on this one, don’t show up to work or the grocery store sans trousers. When at home and able, just do what Donald Duck does and go naked from the waist down. This gives the skin a lot of airflow, cooling it down and not constricting it.

4) Keep it au natural with a moisturizer – Here’s the thing. As soon as the irritation subsides, the chafing will start to heal, a new menace takes its place – itching. To calm the itch and continue healing, use natural moisturizers like shea butter, vitamin E oil, and cocoa butter to keep the chafed penis hydrated. Options like these are super hydrating and don’t have irritants or chemicals which can make the situation worse.

5) Use a topical antibiotic – At times penis chafing can result in small cuts or scratches. If that’s the case, be sure to use a topical antibiotic like Neosporin to heal the cuts and prevent infection. Also, while being treated, has as little contact as possible with the area to keep irritation to a minimum.

6) Keep it cool – Chafing on the penis usually results in everything from an unseasonably warm sensation to a four-alarm fire. Get some relief with a cool bath or a cold compress. Soak a clean, soft washcloth in cold water, wring it out, and then lightly place it on the penis. When the washcloth starts to warm up again, rinse it with cool water again and continue until content. For a more powerful cooling experience, use an ice pack wrapped in a soft dry washcloth.

If penis chafing worsens or isn’t healing, see a physician. A doctor can identify if there is an infection or skin issue that needs a more aggressive course of treatment.

When looking for a way to not only treat chafing on the penis but prevent it, consider using a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin). It can be a valuable way to heal chafing and keep the penile skin adequately moisturized in the future to prevent it. In addition to Shea butter and vitamin E, this crème also contains other ingredients precisely selected for encouraging penis health. It contains L-Carnitine which protects against peripheral nerve damage caused by friction. It also contains vitamin C, an essential component of collagen, which promotes skin elasticity. Regular use can revitalize and invigorate gentle penis skin that’s been the unfortunate victim of chafing.

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