What to Wear When Riding Stunt Scooters

What to Wear When Riding Stunt Scooters

When you are on the go on your stunt scooter you want to make sure that you put on clothing that is comfortable to ride in, offers protection against bails and scrapes, clothes that look nice and that won’t get trashed in a couple of sessions. Finding good stunt scooter clothing can be hard on the high street with the small amount of skate clothing outlets, although online you will find great choice all the top skate clothing brands including Vans, DC, Enjoi and Volcom.

Here is some tips and advice detailing what to wear when riding stunt scooters to ensure good looks, protection and a comfy ride:

Shoes – choosing appropriate shoes for stunt scooters is extremely important to ensure you can perform tricks to the best of your ability. You will need shoes with strong grip that are durable and comfortable to ensure that you can do scooter stunts without putting yourself at risk. We do not recommend wearing flip flops, sandals or plimsols as these are too slippy and flimsy. You should go for comfortable trainers (although not high tops as these hurt your ankles when riding) and skate shoes, with a couple of great choices being the DC Net, Nike SB Koston the Adidas Campus.

Shorts – if you do not like wearing jeans or if the weather is too warm to ride stunt scooters in them, then shorts may be your only option. We would recommend denim shorts as similar to jeans these provide some protection and durability if you happen to bail, but other thick shorts can be great also. Some of the top stunt scooter shorts include those from No Fear and Enjoi.

Hoodies – hoodies are great to wear when on the skatepark giving you the skater look, being comfy and giving you some protection when you fall. Loose and non clingy hoodies are generally better for riders to give more freedom to perform stunts, with some great looking ones including those by skater makes Vans and DC,

T shirts – in the summer you will often find it is too warm to wear anything but a t shirt when doingks, but there are some great designs from skate brands that will give you the skater look and impress your friends such as those from Volcom and Enjoi.

Jeans – when it isn’t too warm jeans are a great choice for clothes on your lower half when riding stunt scooters because of their thick and durable material which will protect you from falls when doing tricks. Skinny jeans are popular for riders, although these can be too tight, so baggy jeans can be great also. Some great skinny and loose jeans to try when riding stunt scooters are those from from Nike Air and Vans.

Safety gear – last but definitely not least you don’t want to forget to wear a mixture of safety gear when riding scooters, such as a hard helmet, shin pads and elbow pads. These should be worn at all times to make sure you are safe when doing extreme stunts.

Wear what you feel comfortable riding in, but also try to choose clothing that will give you protection against inevitable falls!

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