Why Visit Jamaica? There Aren’t Any Reasons You Shouldn’t

Are you planning a vacation sometime soon? Jamaica, the beautiful island state in the Caribbean Sea rolls up adventure and relaxation into one package promising you a holiday of a lifetime. Here are 7 reasons you can blindly book your flight and head to Jamaica this holiday season.

1. The Stretches of Sandy Beaches:
The sandy beaches are a highlight of the Jamaican landscape and hence no short of a paradise for a beach bum who would love to soak up the sun. You can explore the white sands and pristine waters at the Seven Miles Beach, Cosmos Beach, Treasure Beach, Rose Hall Beach and Boston Bay Beach.

2. Tropical Climate:
With its balmy weather, Jamaica is a place to come to the year-round. The best time to visit is December, particularly the months from December through April. This is the peak season in Jamaica; however, the off-season does not offer less excitement and fun. You can come here if you want to escape the biting cold in your state.

3. Hospitable Natives:
The worst is to come to a foreign land and have the natives show their hostility towards you. It can mar your holiday more than you expect because irrespective of the number of maps and GPS devices you bring along, you still need the locals to show you around those nooks and crannies no search engine will tell you about. The Jamaicans are simple, hardworking, fun and friendly; it is easy to warm up to them. You will never feel out of place.

4. Water Sports and Adventure Activities:
The miles and miles of seashore promise a number of adrenaline pumping activities. You can go surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving in this tropical paradise. Not only this, the mountains and waterfalls give you a whole lot of other adventure activities such as hiking, bird watching and horseback riding to register yourself for. If you have enough time on your hands, you can take a surfing and diving lesson too.

5. Lip-smacking Local Cuisines:
Much like the Asians, the Jamaicans cook in a lot of spices and herbs. They have their own style of cooking called “Jerk”. Their local cuisine comprising fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat is one to die for as it is not only unique in its flavors, but also healthy. Seafood is caught fresh from the sea while other food produce is sourced from regional farmers. If you ever make a trip to Jamaica, you must try ackee, saltfish and jerk chicken.

6. Vibrant Culture:
The Jamaicans are fun-loving people and so is their culture, vibrant as ever. It is the birth place of Reggae and Bob Marley. You will hear live and authentic Reggae melodies at almost every corner and its impossible not to tap your foot to the lively music. As much as they are fond of music, they are fond of dance. They speak a sing-song dialect called Patois. Jamaica is also a land of colorful natural jewels. There is so much to learn about from the Maroons to the Rastafarians.

7. Nature at its Best:
Jamaica is a natural refuge for anyone trying to get away from the daily grind of life. You will get to see all the colors of nature here in his silver-golden beaches, turquoise seas and emerald mountains and rainforests. The island state is renowned for its exotic wildlife and astounding marine life.

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