Your Very Own Magic Carpet

The idea of a flying carpet captures the imaginations of people from the time they are old enough to understand the thought of flying. Long before airplanes and hang-gliding, the magic carpet represented freedom and a richness of life that has held us in thrall generation after generation.

Somehow, we all wish that we’d find a dark and undiscovered corner of our home where the previous owner had forgotten a dusty rolled carpet. A carpet that, when laid upon the floor, had a sort of life of its own, with an unspoken command which would take us soaring out the window and into the sky.

The flight is not real – the carpets are. Oriental carpets grace the floors of homes and offices worldwide, from small to large, poor to wealthy. Each one purchased or woven with a desire to be surrounded by elegant artistry. Some carefully tended, some thoughtlessly neglected. All, the recipient, at least once, of a fleeting fancy… What if this carpet really could fly?

Flights of fancy is all they will ever take, but it does not detract from the mystique and charm that surrounds oriental rugs. The imaginative serves to enhance the appeal, and does not detract a bit. Somehow it is more magical to have a carpet that flies only in the imagination, than it would be to have one that did… or worse, if all carpets flew.

Select your perfect magic carpet. Choose it carefully… a magic carpet, after all, may be only a once in a lifetime purchase, unless you are fortunate enough to be able to acquire more than one. What does the perfect magic carpet look like? Was it woven in a factory with the skills of multiple artisans, with intricate patterns and delicate symbols? Was it woven on the desert on a portable loom by a busy mother, with simple patterns and bold colors? The choices are endless, because this is YOUR magic carpet!

Bring it home and lay it upon the floor. You can’t help but enjoy the color and the feel of it beneath your feet. And sometime, when no one is looking, you can sit down upon it, cross your legs, and close your eyes… and fly!

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