What to Expect on a Picturesque Serengeti Balloon Safari

If you’ve been wondering what to expect on a Serengeti balloon safari, it doesn’t surprise me. Well, you’ve probably read or heard a lot about this fascinating excursion through the skies of famous African terrain, but I can assure you there’s no need to mull over it anymore. This article will aim to take you through the actual experience, so that you know exactly what to expect on a picturesque Serengeti balloon safari.

Your Serengeti balloon safari begins in the wee hours of the morning on the day of departure. As a valued guest of the excursion, you will receive a wake-up call in your tented camp or lodge. You will then get stuck in with a hearty breakfast, with local teas and bites on the menu. As your curiosity and expectations for the trip reach fever pitch, you will be whisked to the site of departure of the grand hot air balloon.

You can expect around 12 to 14 people to enter the balloon’s basket. Typically, those are the numbers per balloon safari. You will be advised to wear warm clothing and to bring along a camera and perhaps a notebook to take notes of the animals and the vast expanse of safari attractions below as you fly overhead.

Once on board, the pilot will light up the banners and as the flames flare, the balloon will begin to inflate and eventually rise to the skies. What with the basket suspended beneath the balloon, you’ll get to enjoy an unobstructed view of the wildlife, landscape, and the rivers and lakes beneath. It is an experience like none other.

What is truly amazing and magical about the balloon safari, is the tranquility, stillness and silence as it glides through the skies. Occasionally, you’ll hear sounds from below: from elephants bustling through the bush, baboons screeching from trees; and you’ll even hear lions roar. After being in flight for an hour, the balloon will return to base and you disembark to an awaiting celebration with champagne and delicious bites. And for having had the opportunity to fly in a hot air Serengeti balloon safari expedition, you will be awarded a certificate. What a splendid way to end an unforgettable voyage that has been around for literally centuries. Its intrinsic historical value alone is worth the experience. So, if you’ve been contemplating a trip on a hot air balloon, now you know what to expect.

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